Get iPhone X Navigation Gestures on Android

Get iPhone X Navigation Gestures on Android: Gesture Navigation, the most amazing and popular feature of iPhone X. This amazing feature is only available on some of handsets. But now Android P (still in beta) users can enjoy this cool feature in their Android Phones also. So if you want to know how to install the iPhone X Gesture Navigation feature on your Android P then continue reading this article.


Firstly thanks to XDA Developers who made this possible for Android users. This Gesture Navigation App will replace your 3-button navbar with a Gesture Navigation feature which will give a iPhone X like feel. This is a free Gesture Navigation App for Android users which is available on the Playstore. Users can easily run the feature just after installing the App from the Playstore but for Non-Root devices you need to follow some steps.

  • After installing the app from playstore, just follow these simple steps to get the feature working in Non-Root devices.
  • 1.       Download the App for free from playstore and firstly it will ask you to grant Accessibility Service so turn on the Accessibility Service of the App.
  • 2.       After that, connect your phone to a computer and install Fastboot and adb on it. These programs will help us to grant some special permissions which are required for the feature to work.
  • 3.       If using MacOS, open terminal and if using Windows, open Command Prompt. After that type the following code and press enter.

CODE:- adb shell pm grant com.xda.nobar android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

  • 4.       Now you have to just enable the gestures and customize them if you’re feature is not running then you’ve probably not granted permissions properly so just repeat the steps of Granting permission.

Now you can normally customize your gestures and start using this amazing Gesture Navigation feature on your Android P OS. You can customize as you want and also set it similar like iPhone X.

So this amazing feature is a free version of the App which gives amazing basic navigation features but XDA is also featuring a paid premium version of the App that will provide you more of the amazing gestures. This premium version will cost users around $0.99 and will provide you additional gestures like opening the power menu, jumping to tracks, and lots more.
The features this App provides work perfectly but not as smoother as in iPhone X but still gives an amazing feel while using the handset. Did you tried the Navigation Gestures App in your Android too? You can download the App from playstore by searching Navigation Gestures. Please comment down below your opinions about the App.
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