Motorola’s patent for foldable device approved

Motorola’s patent for foldable device approved : The Chinese Smartphone company Motorola recently got approved patent for foldable device. This device will have a rectangular screen which users can fold and also unfold it as like a Tablet. WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) recently approved the patent for this amazing device.
Motorla’s Foldable Device
This foldable Smartphone can be folded and unfolded which also will protect the display of the phone and it can be shaped like a tent. SlashGear reports said that Motorola was looking for the approval since many years and it was originally filed in September 2016 but got approved this March 2018.
Motorola joined the group of some companies that are working on foldable smartphones. The concept of foldable smartphones is the future and a big thing. As technology is getting better day by day, it is making humans life more easy and enjoyable. Thanks for reading this article. Subscribe to our newsletter to get  unique content directly to your inbox.

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