GIF Full Form (What is the meaning of GIF?)

GIF Full Form (What is the meaning of GIF?): Hey guys, do you want to know the GIF Full Form ? Today I will explain you about it and tell you that what is GIF. So if you want to know detailed information about this technical term. Then keep reading this article till end.

gif full form

GIF Full Form – Graphics Interchange Format

The GIF Full Formis Graphics Interchange Format. It is a type of file extension of a Bitmap Image which is saved with the extension “.gif”. Basically, it is a type of image which contains animations in it. So any still image file having animation in it is called a GIF file.
It was firstly developed in the year 1987 by CompuServe. The main feature or benefit of a GIF image is that it is compressed using Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) data compression technique. It is a type of technique which can decrease the size of any file but doesn’t affect its quality.
A GIF file uses 8-bit format which can support upto 256 colors. This GIF file is very popular among internet because of its low size and high quality file which also supports animation in it.
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History of GIF

GIF was firstly introduced in the year 1987 but it also has a second version. The first version was developed by CompuServe as GIF87a and the second updated version was developed in the year 1989 as GIF89a. This second version is still in existence and is used today.

You Learned From This Post…

  • GIF Full Form is Graphics Interchane Format.
  • It uses 8-bit format which supports 256 colors.
  • It uses unique data compression technique called LZW.
  • It can contain animation within it.
  • It also supports transparent background images.
  • The main feature of a GIF is that it is a image which contains a small text or picture animation within it.

So thanks for reading this article. I hope you well understood the topic GIF Full Form. If you still want to know about it more. Then do let me know in the comment section. Also read my other posts to get to know more amazing terms and full forms like this. (Reference)

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