WiFi Full Form (What is the Meaning of WiFi?)

WiFi Full Form (What is the Meaning of WiFi?): Hey are you searching for fresh information related to Full form of Wifi ? Well, accidently you landed on the best page over the Internet. Because today, I am going to tell you guys about it and other important information which you need to know about this term. Also read my recent post about Computer Full Form. So just stick to this page and keep reading this article to get perfect information which you want to know about this technical term.

wifi full form

WiFi Full Form – Wireless Fidelity

Yes you read it right. The full form of the term “WiFi” is Wireless Fidelity. So basically WiFi is a wireless network to connect two or more devices or to connect any device to the Internet. So WiFi is just a technical term which directly means Wireless Fidelity and to get a Wireless Network we require a Device called WiFi Router which helps us to use this amazing feature of WiFi.

Working of WiFi

As I already told, WiFi device generates hotspot and helps users to connect two devices without any Wire. Now let me clarify you the term “Hotspot”. Hotspot is the area which Wireless Network covers. It’s obvious that a WiFi Network can’t be accessible from a very far point. So it has its own range around which users can connect to it.

History of WiFi

I know you guys definitely know that “Who is the father of Computer ?”. He’s Charles Babbage Right? But do you know that Who is the Father of WiFi? So here I am telling you. Vic Hayes is known as the Father of WiFi. He contributed a lot in the field of WiFi technology. Well, there is a lot to know about the history of WiFi but our today’s topic is WiFi Full Form. So let’s continue to it. If you want to know more history about WiFi. You can simply search for it on the Internet. You’ll get to know more about the history of this technology.

WiFi Routers

Well WiFi is just a technical term which means Wireless Fidelity. But to generate a hotspot and to use a Wireless Network we need a device called WiFi Router. It is a device which is used to generate hotspot. Nowadays people uses WiFi Router at their homes to get high speed internet connection and if you have also a WiFi Router then you must change its Wireless network name into a Funny WiFi Names. You can read our article to get amazing WiFi Names.

You Learned From This Post…

So these are the important key points which you should know about WiFi :-
  • WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity
  • It has its own range called Hotspot
  • It is used to connect devices without using any wired connection
  • It works on Radio Frequency.
So I hope guys that you learned something amazing about this term and if you have any queries regarding this term then please do let me know through the comment section. Also please read my other posts to get full forms and meanings of other important tech related terms. Thanks for reading my post about WiFi Full Form.

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