CCTV Full Form [What is the Meaning of CCTV Camera ?]

CCTV Full Form [What is the Meaning of CCTV Camera ?]: In this post you are going to read about the Full Form of CCTV. I will tell you what is CCTV, it’s history and important features about it. So just stick with me here for next few minutes and let’s get Started.

CCTV Full Form
What is the Full Form of CCTV Camera ?

CCTV Full Form : Closed Circuit Television

Basically, Closed Circuit Television is a Video Camera device which is used for security purposes in Malls, Shops, Banks, etc. It is also known as Video Surveillance. Now you might be thinking, if it is just a video camera then why is it called CCTV ? So let me explain, it is called CCTV because it includes a lot of devices like Video Recording Device, Monitor. So this whole setup is known as CCTV which records 24/7 footage for security purposes to record clips of particular area so that no thief can rob that place.
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So It is a very helpful device which helps in prevention of crimes like, Robbery, Murders, or any other huge crime. This device can show the video footage so that Cops can catch the victim easily.

How CCTV Works?

So I told you about the CCTV Full Form and other important information about it. Now let’s talk about how actually it works. Previously Wired connection was in use for it to work but nowadays because of growing technology CCTVs are going Wireless also. It can easily send recorded data over wire or wireless connection and display live it on the Monitor. It can record and send Video and as well as Audio of the footage.
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Also new technology helped in invention of Advanced CCTVs which can record in Night because of its Night Vision Feature. So it is a very useful device but it’s footage is not shared to anybody until any case happens. It is just used for the security purposes.

You Learned From This Post…

I explained a lot about it now let’s have a quick recap and know what are the important features which you must know about it.
  • Full Form of CCTV is Closed Circuit Television.
  • It is used for security purposes.
  • This device helps to prevent and solve many crime cases because it records footage of the area 24/7.
  • It is used in Shops, Restaurants, Banks, ATMs, Roads, Airports, Homes, Railways, etc.
  • It can record Video as well as Audio.
  • New CCTVs are working on Wireless Connection.
  • New Technology also helped in the invention of Night Vision CCTVs.

So there’s no end, there are a lot of benefits of the CCTV camera. It’s invention have already reduced majority of crimes. It is used in shops and now as well as in homes for security. So it is a great invention. I hope you learned something new from this post. If yes then don’t forget to leave a comment and if you have any question then also leave a comment. I’ll surely help you out to solve your queries. Thanks a lot for reading my post about CCTV Full Form and also read my other posts to gain more knowledge about other Full Forms and their meanings. (Source)

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