Computer Full Form (What is the meaning of Computer?)

Computer Full Form (What is the meaning of Computer?): In this post you are going to read about the Full Form of Computer. I will tell you what is Computer, it’s history and important features about it. So just stick with me here for next few minutes and let’s get Started.

computer full form

Computer Full Form – [No Official Full Form]

Let me tell you first that what is an Aronym. Acronym is an abbreviation which is made by using each of the first letter of a whole meaningful term. For eg; PhD is an acronym because it is made by using the initial letters of the term “Philosophiae Doctor”. Similarly NASA, CBSE, etc. Now let’s come to our topic. So the word Computer is not an officially announced Acronym. It is a simple word so it can’t be expanded.

Unofficial Full Form of Computer

But still people say that the full form of COMPUTER is “Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technical and Educational Research”. This is not any officially announced Form but people still think that it is true. It can be called its full form because it’s Acronym Form the word “Computer” but it is not actually. Let me tell you completely this full form was made so that student can know exactly why Computer was Invented. That’s why to accomplish Student’s mind, they are taught this full form.

Definition of Computer

I told you the reality of Computer Full Form now let’s talk about the Actual definition of Computer is “A Computer is an electronic machine which is used to perform Arithmetic and Logical Operations automatically”. It is an amazing invention which is the biggest reason of today’s modern technology. It made human’s work easy and nowadays most of our tasks are done by just sitting in front of a computer. There are several components of a Computer such as RAM, ROM, Hard Drive, Graphic Card, Processor, etc. These are the main component of a Computer which are responsible for the performance of a Computer.

Benefits of the Computer

Computer made our life very easy and also enjoyable. Now we can watch Movies, Play Games, Surf Internet by just sitting on Home. It helps in every field like in Film Making also. There it is used to do Video Editing and other VFX stuffs. But to get a wonderful performance, you must know the basic components of a Computer. Nowadays modern games with so realistic graphics are made to entertain us more amazingly. That’s why Computer is an awesome invention. Even I wrote this post by using my desktop computer.

You Learned From This Post…

So I am giving you a quick recap of what you just learned today. Read these following points :-
  • Computer is an acronym.
  • There is no any official full form of the word Computer.
  • Charles Babbage is known as the Father of Computer.
  • It is used for many purposes like for entertainment, for work, etc.
  • This is one of the greatest invention ever.
I did my best to clear your queries about Computer Full Form but if you still have one then please ask it to me through comments. Read my other articles to get more quality information. Thanks a lot for giving your precious time and reading this article. (Reference)

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