GSM Full Form (What is the meaning of GSM?)

GSM Full Form (What is the meaning of GSM?): In this post you are going to read about the Full Form of GSM. I will tell you what is GSM, it’s meaning and important features about it. So just stick with me here for next few minutes and let’s get Started.

GSM Full Form

GSM Full Form – Global System for Mobile

In technical terms, GSM is a method to create communication between two devices. In simple words, it is developed for communication between 2G networks(Second Generation). It is just a substitution of the 1G network(First Generation).

What is GSM ?

We all use mobile phones on our daily basis. Nowadays new technologies like 3G, 4G have replaced it. But basically it is a cellular network just like our 3G, 4G. Before 3G, 4G we people used 2G network in our mobile phones. This 2G network is another name for GSM.
GSM is widely used in across more than 200 global countries. Countries like America, Asia and Western Europe are using it. It is used for various purposes like for calling and as well as for texting. Also modern technology allows us to use GSM features from a phone to our laptop or desktop computers.

How GSM Works ?

So I told you about GSM Full Form now let’s talk about how actually it works. Basically it runs over three different frequencies. These three frequencies of GSM are as follows :
  • 900 Mhz
  • 1800 Mhz
  • 1900 Mhz

These are the frequencies which a GSM network uses for its functioning.

You Learned From This Post…

So I am giving you a quick recap of what you just learned today. There are a lot of benefits and features which it gives to us. It helps us a lot in various ways. Read these following points :-
  • GSM Full Form is Global System for Mobile.
  • It allows us to use Internet and other connectivity features when we connect our phone to our desktop device.
  • GSM is used globally in over 200+ different countries around the world.
  • It is highly secured because it can not be replicated by using any means.
  • This is widely used and have a good connection network.
  • It also helps to have good communication over mobile phones because of its good network.
  • GSM gives us a lot of advanced technology features like Call Forwarding, Text Messages, Call Holding, etc.

I did my best to clear your queries about GSM Full Form but if you still have one then please ask it to me through comments. Read my other articles to get more quality information. Thanks a lot for giving your precious time and reading this article. (Reference)

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