IAS Full Form (What is the Meaning of IAS?)

IAS Full Form (What is the Meaning of IAS?): Hello guys in this post you’ll get to read about the full form of IAS, IAS meaning and all of the other important information which you must know about the term IAS. So if you really want to know in details about IAS then you came to the perfect place. This page is just posted for readers like you. I’ll not waste your time. In the recent post I talked about CBSE Full Form. So let’s read about the today’s topic.

ias full form

IAS Full Form – Indian Administrative Service

The IAS Full Form is Indian Administrative Service. It is one of the most higher post of administrative civil services of India. This is a Governmental post for which student needs to pass the most toughest examination called UPSC. UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission.  This is one of the most toughest examinations of India for a student. But let me tell you always hard work doesn’t matter. You need to do Smart Work to pass this toughest examination.
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Every year around 10 lakh or more than 10 lakh candidates appear for their UPSC examination. From which very few crack the written examination and from these few candidates, just 800-900 are selected finally after the Interview. So you can analyze that not just hardwork matters to crack this examination. But also Smart Work and a huge luck matters to crack this examination. Because every year around 10 lakh candidates appear for examination and just 800-1000 finally gets selection.

What is the Meaning of IAS?

IAS is considered to be the toughest examination which also includes Indian Forest Service (IFS) and Indian Police Service (IPS). If we go back some years, before 1946 Indian Imperial Service (IIS) was in presence but after that Indian Administrative Service (IAS) substituted it.

Qualifications to Become an IAS Officer

So we talked a lot about IAS now let’s talk about what are the qualifications required to become an IAS officer in India. So let me tell you if you want to appear in Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Examination then you must be graduated from a university. After that, you can appear for the UPSC examination. Every year UPSC conducts exams so you just need to study for the exam and appear for the examination.
But I suggest you to have a backup plan for yourself. I mean if you didn’t get selection for IAS then you must have a second option for your career. Because it doesn’t depend on only Hard Work. It depends on your Smart Work + Luck. Let me tell you in 2012, around 5 Lakh students appeared for the UPSC examination from which only 170 were selected by the government officials as an IAS. So it will be your luck how you crack the exams and then the Interview.

What Does an IAS officer Do ?

IAS Full Form is Indian Administrative Services (IAS). An IAS officer is given a certain area of which he/she have to take care of and also maintain the Laws. He have to look at his area and take care of the crimes, laws and other issues. He also contributes in decision making. He distributes the governmental funds for development of his area. He also needs to visit those places to make sure the money is implementing in the development of the area. For eg:- Construction of Roads, Bridgest etc. Also there are a lot of other tasks which an IAS officer do.
Let’s talk about the posts of an IAS officer. There are a lot of posts from low to high salary. It depends on your score in the exams and also on the interview. Some of the important posts of an IAS officer are as follows :
  • Chief Development Officer
  • Joint Collector
  • District Magistrate (DM)
  • District Collector (DC)
  • Divisional Commissioner
  • Cabinet Secretary
  • Secretary
  • Joint Secretary
  • Director in Govt. of India
  • Deputy Secretary
  • Under Secretary
So these are some of the important posts which are offered to an IAS officer. Salary package of the IAS officer varies according to the post which depends on how you crack exam and the Interview.

What is the Salary of an IAS officer

As I already told you, Salary package of an IAS officer depends upon the post of the IAS officer. So you must score good marks and crack the interview to get a good post and a high salary package. Let me tell you some of the estimated Salary Scales of an IAS officer according to their posts.
The average salary of a Cabinet secretary of India is about INR 90,000 also it have a lot of variations according to the exam score, and your knowledge. So you must score higher and if by your luck you pass the exam then you can get a good package.
So I hope guys that you well understood about the IAS Full Form and IAS Meaning. If you still want to know more about the term IAS officer. Then do let me know in the comment section. I tried my best to make you clarify this term. Also read our other posts to get to know about more Full Forms and their meanings. Thanks for reading this article. Have a nice Day ! (Reference)

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