PDF Full Form (What is the Meaning of PDF?)

PDF Full Form (What is the Meaning of PDF?): Hello guys in this post you’ll get to know the exact full form of PDF, PDF meaning and all of the other important information about the term PDF. So if you really want to know about this term. Then this article is just for you. You came to the right place because I’ll not waste your time. I am going to tell you all of the important information about PDF which you must know. So Let’s get started.

pdf full form

PDF Full Form – Portable Document Format

The PDF Full Form is Portable Document Format. It is one of the best file format to save our text or image files which we can see easily. These files do not save image files in itself but can save image files in it on a page. For example on this page you can see images attached to make reading more comfortable. So PDF are not a image file format but they can also be used to save images. Mostly PDF files are used for saving files and sending them on Web.
These files are opened by using a Software called Adobe Acrobat. This is a free Adobe software by use of which you can easily open any PDF file on your desktop or computer device. Also there are a lot of other software to open PDF files but I recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader is the best which you can download from their official site. Similarly a lot of Apps are available for Android, iOS and Window Phones to open and view the PDF Files.
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History of PDF

John Warnock was the founder of the first PDF file ever created. He worked with his whole team to create PDF files which we nowadays use. PDF files were actually in trend before the www and html foundation but after that, popularity of PDF files decreased a lot. But people who work in offices still uses PDF files.

You Learned From This Post…

  1. PDF Full Form is Portable Document Format.
  2. It  was firstly created by John Warnock and his team.
  3. It is used to save text and embedded image files.
  4. It is saved by using the extension “.pdf”.
  5. PDF files can also be secured using passwords.
So these are some basic points which you must know about the term PDF and let me tell you that PDF files can also be saved and encrypted by password protection. But for that you’ll have to pay some charge to get password protection feature and a lot of other features also. So you need to by the PDF premium softwares to do that.
So thanks a lot guys for reading my post. I hope that you well understood the PDF meaning and PDF Full Form. If you like this post then please share it with your techy friends and if you still have any query about the term PDF then don’t hesitate to type it down in the comment section. Thanks for reading this article. (Reference)

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