SIM Full Form (What is the meaning of Sim?)

SIM Full Form (What is the meaning of Sim?): In this post you are going to read about the Full Form of SIM. I will tell you what is Sim Card, it’s history and important features about it. So just stick with me here for next few minutes and let’s get Started.

sim full form

SIM Full Form – Subscriber Identification Module

In technical terms, Subscriber Identification Module is a device which allows us to communicate with any other Module placed far away. We all have a Mobile phone and to call any person with our phone, we must have a SIM card. In most simple words, Sim is a small circuit which stores the International Mobile Subscriber Identity. It is a circuit in every SIM which helps us to call any person around the world.
Sim Cards are very small in size and they can be used in any mobile device which supports Sim card. Nowadays in modern smartphones, nano sim cards are used. They are more small in size. So growing technology is making modern chips more compact.

What is a SIM Card ?

So I told you about SIM Full Form. Now let’s talk about Sim Cards. Basically Sim Card is a chip which stores a unique IMSI in it. It is the chip which helps us to call a person with our phone. A Sim card stores a lot of information in it like :-
  • Network Authorize Data
  • Phone Number
  • Phone Book
  • Messages
  • Call Logs
  • IMSI
  • Other Important Data

History of Sim Card

The Sim Card was invented in the year 1991 by Giesecke and Devrient and you won’t believe but the first Sim Card was bigger as like as today’s credit card. But nowadays with growing technology, all things are getting compact and the Size of a today’s Sim card is 15x25mm for a Standard Sim Card, 12x15mm for a Micro Card and about 8.8×2.3mm for a Nano Card.

You Learned From This Post…

So I am giving you a quick recap of what you just learned today. Read these following points :-
  • SIM Full Form is Subscriber Identification Module.
  • It is a small chip which creates communication in between two devices.
  • It comes with three different sizes.
  • Sim cards can also store other important data in it.
  • All mobile device users use Sim cards in their phone to communicate with their relatives or family.
I did my best to clear your queries about SIM Full Form but if you still have one then please ask it to me through comments. Read my other articles to get more quality information. Thanks a lot for giving your precious time and reading this article. (Reference)

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