TFW Meaning (What Does TFW Mean ?)

TFW Meaning (What Does TFW Mean ?): In this post you are going to read about the meaning of the acronym “TFW”. I will tell you What does it actually stands for. So just stick with me here for next few minutes and you will never search for it again on the web. So without wasting more time, let’s begin with our topic.

TFW Meaning

TFW Meaning – That Feel When

Yes you read it right. The word “TFW” actually means “That Feel When”. May be you’ve seen this word on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media post. This is a very popular slang on social media. People use it while writing any caption on their posts or sometimes meme pages also use this short and simple term.
If you are on social media then you may know that people prefer making sentences shorter while posting something or chatting. For e.g. They write “I am Fine” as “I M F9”. So what I mean is people want to make their sentences shorter to save space and their time while typing. The word “TFW” is not any officially announced Acronym and neither it is correct in grammar language. But as I said they want to make things shorter that’s why they all use and prefer to write “TFW” instead of typing “That Feel When”.

Uses of the TFW

Now you very well know about the actual topic TFW Meaning. Let’s talk about when do people use this popular slang in their sentences. Mostly Social Media users use this, when they want to show any feeling or emotion. They just write “TFW” to save their time, their space and make it more attracting. This slang is one of the highest used term in today’s social media platforms because whenever any person post something they mostly show their emotions and then use this term.
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Examples of using TFW

So if you recently came to know about this slang then you might be wondering how to use it in our posts. So here I am giving some of the best examples which I have seen people using this slang. Read these following sentences :-
  • TFW you’re not necessarily sad but you just feel really empty.
  • TFW your crush finally accepts your friend request.
  • TFW France won the FIFA World Cup.
  • TFW you get reply from your 24×7 busy friend.
  • TFW when you just got to know about this popular slang.
I think these 5 examples are more than enough to make you understand how and when to use this word. So next time whenever you’re going to write “That Feel When”, remind yourself to use “TFW” in your sentence. One more interesting thing about this word is that in 98% of the sentences people use this slang in the starting of the sentence.

When do People use TFW?

So I already told you a lot about What Does TFW Mean ? So now I want to give you some more amazing tips where you can use this acronym. Most of the people use this at the beginning of the sentence so you can also easily use it in the beginning but one more interesting thing about this word is that sometimes people use it in those sentences which doesn’t make any sense. Yes you read it right, people use it in some sentences where it totally doesn’t make any sense. It is also used by meme pages while making memes for their page. For e.g. “TFW you’re already 21 and you’ve no beard”, “TFW you are the only single person in your group”.

Origin of the Acronym TFW

The reality is that no one knows that from where this term came from. I already told you that it is not any official and grammatically correct acronym but people started using it and by the time it became very popular. Maybe any person used this slang in his caption or post and then other also started using it. Then slowly it went popular and now know one knows who used this term first. There are a lot of other social media popular acronyms about which I’ll talk in my future posts.
So I hope guys that I made your queries clear about this social media popular slang. If you really enjoyed reading this article about TFW Meaning then please share this post on Facebook or any other social media platform by writing caption “TFW you just came to know about this popular slang”. If you want more quality content like this then read my other articles. Thanks a lot for reading this one! 

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