USB Full Form (What is the meaning of USB?)

USB Full Form (What is the meaning of USB?) : In this post you are going to read about the Full Form of USB. I will tell you what is USB, it’s history and important features about it. So just stick with me here for next few minutes and let’s get Started.

USB Full Form

USB Full Form – Universal Serial Bus

In technical terms, USB is a connecting wire which is used to create communication between two electronic devices. In most simple words, Universal Serial Bus is a cable which is used to transfer files and data between desktop and other electronic devices. If you have a computer then you may already know about it. It is popularly known as a Data Cable. This is because most of the people use it to transfer their data from their computer to phone or vice-versa.


I explained you far better about the USB Full Form and what it is. In this para you’ll read about it’s history. It was made in the year 1994 by a small group of companies. There were total 7 companies who contributed in its invention. The main goal of its invention was to generate communication between computer and other devices easily. Today, we also mostly use the USB cables for the same purpose.
If you think that USBs are just used for data transfer then I am going to prove you wrong. Because there are a lot of benefits of using a USB cable. It is also used for connecting other electronic devices like Mouse, Keyboard, Speaker to the computer.

You Learned From This Post…

So I am giving you a quick recap of what you just learned today. Read these following points :-
  • USB Full Form is Universal Serial Bus.
  • It is also known as Data Cable.
  • These cables are used connect computer with other electronic devices.
  • USB was invented in 1994 by 7 companies.
  • It is also used to connect Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker and other electronic devices to computer.

I did my best to clear your queries about USB Full Form but if you still have one then please ask it to me through comments. Read my other articles to get more quality information. Thanks a lot for giving your precious time and reading this article. (Reference)

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