5 Best PS2 Emulator For Android on PlayStore

If you love playing PlayStation 2 Games but you don’t have your own PS2 console. Then keep reading this article because here I’m going to tell you about the best ps2 emulator for android available on official PlayStore.

Playing games on Gaming Console is still a different scenario, it creates more excitement. But if you do not have one and still you want to experience it, you should try a PS2 emulator. There are a lot of PlayStation 2 emulators available on PlayStore but I did some research to find out the best ones.

As already said, you won’t get a wonderful experience like on consoles. Because gaming consoles provide a whole different level of excitement and gaming experience. If you want to know that exact experience, you’ll have to play on a console yourself.

Also, you won’t be able to play all of the console games on these emulators. But still you can run games like Tekken 5, GTA, Need For Speed, etc. These games are also lit. I’ve grown up playing these games from childhood. I’m a master at them.  Anyways, let’s get straight into those 5 Best PS2 Emulator For Android on PlayStore.

Top 5 Best PS2 Emulator For Android

best ps2 emulator for android

I tried to install and check each and every emulator on the play store. I am going to list all of those 5 apps which I found the best ones. Imagine while your friends play those boring games on their smartphones and you’ll be playing high-end graphics awesome console games on your phone. I think now you’re hiked up, so let’s see which are those PS2 emulators.

DamonPS2 Pro

The DamonPS2 Pro is one of those killing PS2 emulators which allows you to play high-end console games on your smartphone. Most of the emulators are not able to run high graphics games on the smartphone. But trust me if you go with this DamonPS2 Pro, you are going to love it. Almost all of the PS2 games are comfortable on this beast. Also, you can use cheat codes on this amazing emulator, it is another reason why you should go with this one. Don’t just stop here, go ahead and read about more apps of the best ps2 emulator for android.

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Golden PS2 Emulator

ps2 emulator android

If you are one of those who wants to enjoy PS2 games and also don’t want their battery to discharge. This is the best choice for all of you. Because this app is one of the lightest emulator ever made. It gives you real-time controllers to make you feel like you’re playing on a console. As like you are given JoyStick and controls in a console, you will feel like same because all the controllers are same. You can run smoothly games like God of War, Need for Speed and Tekken without any issues. This emulator also allows you to fast forward those boring videos while playing the game. This is one of the popular and best ps2 emulator for android 2018. You must check this app if you are a real PS2 lover.

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This is also a recommendation from my side. FPse allows your smartphone to run high graphics games without any lags. It doesn’t matter what specifications your phone has, it will make your phone able to run those games on high resolution. Gaming experience becomes more amazing when the game sound also boosts you. This emulator also allows you to save your game whenever you want. It will help you to save at or before your checkpoints so that you can continue your game from wherever you left at any time you want. Make sure to check it out at once. Let’s move onto our next app of best ps2 emulator for android.

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PSP/PS2 Emulator Android

ps2 emulator for android


This application allows you to run Playstation and Playstation 2 games. It is available on play store and you won’t have to spend any penny for this app. You can easily run some of the best Playstation console games on this emulator. However,  if you want a better experience I will recommend you to check the emulators which I’ve listed before this one. But still, it is one of the popular ps2 emulator android as of now.

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best ps2 emulator for android 2018

This is the last application of this list. You can try the PTWOE emulator, it is also available on PlayStore. This emulator allows you to run console games smoothly. But this is not that much popular like the above best ps2 emulator for android. Most of the people use apps like Golden PS2, PS2 Emulator, etc. I recommend if you have a good specifications smartphone, then definitely go with the above apps and not with this one.

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Still, if you have any queries left in your mind, you can watch this amazing video below. Here you’ll get to understand in more depth about these 5 emulators.

So these were the 5 Best PS2 Emulator For Android available on PlayStore. Tell me which emulator is your favorite. Also, if you have more recommendations for other users, then comment down below to help others. Thanks a lot to you also for giving so much of your precious time to read this article. Make sure to visit SmartExplains.com regularly for more help.

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