Top 6 Best DS Emulator for PC 2019

Are you searching to get the best ds emulator for pc 2019? You can’t afford a Nintendo DS console but you want to enjoy Nintendo DS games? Are you really excited to have an amazing gaming experience? If you answered YES! for all of these questions then reading this article till the end will burst you from excitement. Just stick with me till the end and I promise to make you happy!

Nintendo DS is an amazing handheld console device on which you can play any Nintendo DS games. Trust me, the games developed for this handheld console are really amazing. I have also enjoyed Nintendo games but by using an emulator. So if you are also one of those who doesn’t want to spend on a console but wants to play Nintendo games, keep reading ahead. Here is the list of the best Nintendo ds emulator for pc.

6 Best DS Emulator for PC 2019

best ds emulator for pc

If you’re following my blog for a long time, you may know I have already published some detailed emulator guides. If you’re a PUBG fan, make sure you check out the best pubg mobile emulators for pc. Also, I always provide detailed guides, so that you’re left with zero questions in your mind regarding the topic. So before those best ds emulator for pc, read about what is a Nintendo DS emulator.

What is a Nintendo DS Emulator?

best ds emulator for pc 2019

As already explained, Nintendo DS is a handheld gaming console developed by Nintendo. By using the ds emulator, you can run Nintendo games on your pc. It is a software developed which can support the Nintendo ds games so you can enjoy them on your pc. You’ll not need to purchase the gaming console. Even there is no need to spend a single dollar. These are the free and best ds emulator for pc.

So as of now, we have talked a lot about Nintendo and emulators. I hope you clearly understood about it. Now let’s get to know what are those best ds emulator for pc.

Citra 3DS

Citra 3DS emulator is an amazing Nintendo ds emulator by using which you can enjoy playing Nintendo 3DS games. You can easily download this emulator for completely free. It is compatible with both Windows and Linux. To download this emulator, you just have to tap on the below download button. It will directly take you to the downloading page.

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NeonDS!! Almost sounds like Nintendo DS! Isn’t it? Anyways, NeonDS is another popular nintendo compatible emulator. The best thing about this emulator is that it is almost compatible with any Windows version. You must have at least 1GB of RAM on your computer. Trust me, it will run like a piece of butter on your system. You can download it for free by following the below download button.

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top 6 best ds emulator for pc

iDEAS is another wonderful emulator that runs nintendo games very well. You won’t get any problems during gameplay on this emulator. It is very small in size. This is the reason I chose it in this list of best ds emulator for pc. Also, you don’t need to do any settings to start playing games on this emulator. But if want to, you can also change settings of this emulator.

The screen splitting feature of this emulator comes in use sometimes. That’s why I recommend you to test this emulator once. The only issue is that it doesn’t support cheat codes. Else, it is a wonderful emulator that you can use to enjoy nintendo games. Overall, if you’re a hard-working gamer, this is made for you. Because it won’t allow you to run cheats, that means, you’ll have to cross all levels yourself.

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Back in times, people were complaining a lot about issues on using this emulator. There were some frame drop and audio problems on this emulator. But the latest updated version of this emulator is the best ds emulator for pc I have ever used. It is compatible with all of the Window systems. Also, you can check compatibility before downloading it. You’ll need to change the audio and frame settings before playing games. And you’re done! Now you can start playing games on this emulator without any issues.

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6 amazing nintendo ds emulators for pc

DeSmuME emulator is probably the most popular nintendo ds emulator after Citra 3DS. The latest updated version of this emulator works pretty good than the older ones. Just make sure you get the updated version of this emulator. You’ll get to see almost no issues while playing games on this emulator. The best features of this emulator are the quick save and load options. Imagine your mom shouting at you and just coming to snatch you up from your computer desk. You can use this quick save feature to save it at one step. You can use the turbo speed feature to speed up the gameplay. You can also use cheat codes to cross levels easily.

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DuoS emulator is one of the simplest emulators I have ever used. The whole interface of this emulator is very simple. All you need to do is tap on the buttons to further proceed with the process. You can easily download this emulator by following the below download button. As already told, this is the simplest emulator from all of these. But it won’t allow you to use cheat codes. You can’t even quickly save games and use the turbo option.

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Which is the Best DS Emulator for PC?

which is the best ds emulator

I have listed 6 best ds emulator for pc. Now you might be questioning that which one is the best. Which emulator should you use? The answer is simple, it totally depends upon you. If you need a simple emulator with fewer options, you can use the DuoS emulator. Or if you want high settings in your emulator then you can use the DeSmuME emulator. Or if you want an average of both of these, you can go with the other options. On an average, I recommend you to choose the iDEAS emulator to run Nintendo games on pc.

Final Words

So these were the Top 6 Best DS Emulator for PC 2019. You can download and use any of these emulators for completely free. If you face any issues, please let me know in the comment section. To get to understand more deeply, please watch this amazing tutorial video.

Also, if you have more suggestions for the best ds emulator for pc, tell us, I’ll add them up in the list along with these emulators. If you’re still reading this, thanks a lot for staying with us till the end. I hope I made you happy. Wish to see you soon on my blog!

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