YoWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version 7.90 2019 [Detailed Guide]

YoWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version 2019: Ohh! So you recently heard of YoWhatsapp Apk Download and about its awesome features. Then you started searching for it to download and try it once. Well if I’m correct then here’s great-great good news for you!

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You are on the right blog because this is an in-depth guide on YoWhatsapp Free Download. You’ll get info from basic to its advanced features. Just don’t dare to skip any part. Because you might miss an important step and then struggle with a lot of problems while installation process.

YoWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version

As of now 2019, almost every person is using Internet on their regular basis. Internet and smartphone are like survival needs for some people. Just like we can’t live without Food, Water, Shelter and Clothes. Those people can’t live a single day without using smartphone and Internet.

Most of the time people spend on using Social Media Platforms. When it comes to messenging, Whatsapp is the number one and leading Messenger Application all over the world. It has millions of downloads on Google Playstore.

But it has some restrictions that people cannot cross. Here come these modified versions of Whatsapp like GBWhatsapp Pro and YoWhatsapp. These versions unlock you some powerful features which you can take in use to surprise your friends and enjoy by having these extra features on your Whatsapp Messenger App.

By saying Restrictions, I mean like you can’t send larger video files, you can’t send more than 30 pictures at once and a lot. Here in these versions, you are free to use a lot of features and you can also enhance your privacy by hiding any of your privacy measures.

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Keep in touch with me here till the end of this article and I’ll let you know that What is YoWhatsapp Yousef and how you can use it. I’ll also tell you that you should use these modified versions or not. Is it safe to use YoWhatsapp Apk 2019? You’ll get all answer to these questions in the FAQ section at the end of this post. For now, let’s start studying the YoWa YoWhatsapp Download 2019.

What is YoWhatsapp Apk 2019?

Yousef Al Bhasha is the developer of YoWhatsapp Download 2019. Did you notice something? Look at the first two letter’s of the developer’s name. Yes you guessed correct, this is why this version is called YoWhatsapp. The developer named it on behalf of his own name.

YoWhatsapp Apk is another amazing modified version of Whatsapp. Just like we talked about the features in GBWhatsapp Pro, it has also some unique and powerful features. The main reason why I prefer using these Whatsapp is that you can use more than one Whatsapp in a single device.

Yeah, you can do so by installing cloning apps like Parellel Space. But that consumes a hell lot of RAM and space. These modified versions don’t consume that much of space and don’t even buffer your device’s RAM.

yowhatsapp apk download

Next time if you wish to use more than one Whatsapp, don’t install third party cloning apps. Just install and download yowhatsapp apk latest version 2019. You can use two Whatsapp accounts at once and also enjoy extra features in it.

Want to know about those extra features? You can hide blue ticks, hide second tick, change the theme of your Whatsapp, change backgrounds, set auto replies, customize interface and much more.

There are a lot of other mods also available in the market. But YoWhatsapp and GBWhatsapp are the trending ones or I should say the best ones from all of them. So in this article we’ll talk about all of the features of YoWhatsapp and how you can download, install and start using it.

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Features in YoWhatsapp Apk for Android

yowhatsapp apk 2019 infographic

In the official version of Whatsapp there are some limitations that you can’t cross. As I talked in the beginning, you are not allowed to send more than 30 pictures at once. The solution to that problem is to send pictures again and again by 30 pictures at once.

But that irritates a lot, you need to select all the pictures then wait until the pictures are successfully sent. Then again you need to select more pictures and send again. But by using YoWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version 7.90 2019, you can send as many images you want.

You are not limited to the number 30. You’re free to select all pictures at once and hit that send icon. Another most amazing thing is that you can customize the theme of your Whatsapp. You can even change the font of the text.

I personally get bored by seeing the normal font in the Whatsapp. You can use YoWhatsapp 2019 and you can change the font settings for Whatsapp Only. It won’t change fonts for your entire device.

YoWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version 7.90

Also you can hide your blue ticks so that no one will be able to know that you’ve read their message or not. Now some of you might be murmuring like, “What’s New in it? I can do so by unchecking Read Receipts in Official Whatsapp”.

But bro listen, by doing so, you are also not able to know that other person have read your message or not. If you turn your Read Receipt OFF, Whatsapp will not show you that other people have read your message.

But in this case, you can just turn off your blue ticks. You will still be able to see blue ticks for other persons. Isn’t it amazing? I know you’re smiling now. Just keep reading, I’ll make you more happier till the end.

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It isn’t just it, there’s a lot to explore for you. You can change backgrounds also. You can set auto-replies. So that whenever someone texts you. That message will be Auto-replied with your customized entered text.

For e.g, you can set your message like, “Hey there, Thanks for reaching me out! I’m not here, I’ll text you in my Free Time.”

You can set custom time interval, so that your customized message will be sent after that time interval. You can also forward messages to more than 5 persons. Recently few months back, Whatsapp restricted the users to forward a message to just 5 people at once.

They did it to stop spamming on their Platform. But by using this app you’ll again get freedom to send and forward messages to more than 5 People. You can also broadcast your messages to a lot of members. You can send message without saving their contact number.

yowhatsapp download

The most amazing thing which I like about YoWhatsapp Download 2019 is that there is an in-built App Lock in it. There’s no need to install any third party locker app to lock your Whatsapp App. You can lock it by any Pattern, PIN or Fingerprint with it’s in-built Lock Feature.

Other important thing is that you can send full resolution images without losing quality. Official Whatsapp compresses the images and then sends it. This reduces quality a lot. But by using yowhatsapp apk download latest version you can freely send your HD pics without having fear of pixels loss.

You can even Pin more than 1000 chats at once. Yeah I know you’ll don’t do that. But there’s no restriction on Pinned Chats Feature. You can Pin all of your Important Chats at the Top.

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You can download and install more Stickers from the Google Playstore. There are still boring Stickers in the Whatsapp Library. Don’t worry now there are third party Sticker Apps which you can use to send more amazing and creative stickers to your friends. Try it, they’ll definitely ask you how you did so!

The main and the most fascinating privacy feature in the updated version is Call Privacy. You can set who can call you or who can’t. You can also do it in official whatsapp by blocking the person. But here you can completely separately make a list of people who can call you and who can’t.

So there’s a lot to know about it, I can’t list all of it here. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and read more about it and try it yourself.

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Specifications and Requirements to use YoWhatsapp 2019

Name of App YoWhatsapp Apk 7.90
Last Updated on March 20, 2019
Latest Version 7.90
Application Size 45 MB
Android Version Required 4.0+

You don’t need a high specs device to run YoWhatsapp 2019 on android. It is just a 50MB application that you can run on android devices above 4.0. As of now, In 2019, I don’t think anyone is using devices below 4.0 Android Version.

All the latest devices are coming up along with the latest trending Android Versions. It means you can definitely run this application easily on your device. There’s just one thing that you need to know to start using YoWhatsapp Apk.

You must have a rooted device to enjoy this application. This application has a lot of external features so it’s only compatible on Rooted Android Devices.

download yowhatsapp free

Please keep in mind, here I’m not forcing you to root your device. You might suffer some problems when you root your device. If you have already rooted phone, then I’ll recommend you to download yowa yowhatsapp apk and use it.

Or else if you still wish to use it, please read detailed info that What is Rooting? What is it’s advantages and disadvantages? And then if you want to root your device to use this application, read this guide on How to Root an Android Device?

Once you successfully root your device, you can start with the downloading and installation process of yowhatsapp apk 2019. Make sure you follow our download link to get the latest version and enjoy the latest features.

YoWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version 2019

yowhatsapp apk download

Now here comes the important part, forget everything and focus on reading properly so that you don’t miss any of the important steps. First of all let me tell you, you can not install this application from the Playstore.

Not just YoWhatsapp, but you can not install any modified app from the playstore. Google Playstore is a trusted platform where only official applications are published. It is a ‘Trusted Source’. Google itself checks all the Apps before publishing them on it’s server.

And now you are going to download yowhatsapp apk from an ‘Untrusted source’. If you have never installed any app from any third party source then you need to do some settings on your phone. You need to follow the below steps, only then your phone will allow you to install apps from Untrusted Sources.

  • Open your phone’s settings.
  • Scroll until you find the Security options.
  • Open the security settings and search for ‘Unknown Sources’.
  • Tap on it to allow your device to download and install apps from ‘Unknown Sources’.

Now you’re ready to install and enjoy the amazing YoWhatsapp Apk v7.90. Don’t worry the app is completely secure but still as you’re downloading it from an untrusted source, so you need to tell your phone that, ‘Okay! It’s fine! I know what I’m doing.’

Note: YoWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version by clicking the below button.

Download YoWhatsapp 7.90

Install YoWhatsapp Apk Latest Version

Once you have successfully downloaded the apk file after doing the settings. You are all set to begin with the installation process of the app. I will guide you through the installation process and then how to register and setup your account.

Although, it is as easy as you register on the official application. But still, for newbies, I’ll go in-depth so that they don’t have any questions and problems while using the app.

5 Steps to Install YoWhatsapp App

  • Open your File Manager and search for the apk file you’ve just downloaded.
  • Tap on that apk file to open it.
  • There at the bottom you’ll see an option to ‘Install’.
steps to install yowhatsapp
  • Tap on that Install Button and your installation will begin.
download yowhatsapp apk
  • Done! YoWhatsapp has successfully installed on your device.
yowhatsapp free download

Now you can normally register your YoWhatsapp account as you did while registering on official Whatsapp. Please note that if you are already using official Whatsapp and then you cannot use YoWhatsapp with the same phone number.

register yowhatsapp

Either you have to register with another phone number or you have to delete official Whatsapp. Then only you will be able to register with that phone number. It is so simple, just open the yowhatsapp application and enter your phone number.

Then as always you will be asked to enter the OTP sent to the entered phone number. Most of the time it automatically fills up the OTP. If not, manually enter the received OTP on your phone number. Next add your desired name and add a profile picture if you want.

yowhatsapp registration process
YoWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version

Bam! You’re all set with this new YoWhatsapp Apk for Android. Now you can explore different and amazing features inside this Whatsapp. Also, if you are using official Whatsapp and you don’t want to lose all the chats and data, make sure to have a backup so that you can sync that back on the new YoWhatsapp app.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore each and every corner of YoWhatsapp Apk. There are tons of amazing features you’re going to enjoy. Check all of them and enjoy! Make sure to thanks me by leaving an appreciating comment below.

FAQs Section

You’ve read all of the important info which you must know about Yo Whatsapp. These are some commonly asked questions which comes into mind of new users like you. You can just skip reading this part and download yowhatsapp apk 2019.

Or else if you want your doubts to get cleared then you must read this. Below are those questions which people ask while using this Yo Whatsapp Apk.

Is it the YoWhatsapp Apk Latest Version?

Yes, you can download yowhatsapp apk latest version 7.90 by following our download button. It is recently updated so you don’t need to worry about version. I’ve provided the latest version to you.

Is YoWhatsapp as secure like official Whatsapp?

Well this might be very confusing for most of you. Let me clear your doubt. See as it is a modified version it isn’t connected to official Whatsapp database. But still you can trust it. It is secure to take in use. You can use YoWhatsapp Apk without any fear. You won’t lose any data and your account is also safe.

How to use two Whatsapp Accounts?

You can easily use two whatsapp accounts in a single phone. All you need to do is use your official Whatsapp application, as well as the YoWhatsapp application. These are two different apps so you can use each of them simultaneously. You can also install GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp plus to use three or four whatsapp accounts.

Can I register same phone number in two different Whatsapp applications?

No! You have to register with different phone numbers each time to use more than one Whatsapp account. Or as I said, you can just delete one whatsapp and then register on another modified whatsapp application to use whatsapp with same phone number.

Can I use two YoWhatsapp instead of official Whatsapp?

Yes you can do so by installing any cloning application. You can clone YoWhatsapp by using parallel space and then you can use two YoWhatsapp Accounts. Just make sure you have two different phone numbers to register with.

Final Words

YoWhatsapp is a wonderful messenging app that you can use to shock your friends. Just imagine your friends will be using that official boring version and you will be enjoying latest themes inside YoWhatsapp. You can also customize it as per your choice.

From setting custom messages to changing fonts. It have a ton of features which I can’t list all in this single article. You yourself have to install and try the application to get to know about all of the updated and amazing features of this application.

You can watch this amazing video to get more detailed info about how you can download yowhatsapp apk latest version. Tell your thoughts about this article in the comments below. Also if you have any queries then make sure to read the FAQ Section.

Still if you have doubt, leave it for us below. We will surely help you out to solve your problem. If you are still reading here, Damn! God thanks for readers like you. Anyways, I’ll meet you again in the future with some more amazing content. Till then ba-bye and have a great day ahead.

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